Can I Check Myself for Sleep Apnea?

An at-home

sleep apnea test

is an easy and cost-effective way to determine if you're having trouble breathing. A polysomnogram (PSG) performed in a laboratory is the most accurate test available to diagnose sleep apnea. For people receiving treatment for OSA, tests can provide data on whether breathing during sleep has improved. Patients love customer care, from the moment they contact their sleep therapist to when they are available to answer questions about the test itself, to the convenience of not having to return the test kit.

The Itamar WatchPat-One home sleep apnea test is a fairly simple and easy to use process, as long as you're comfortable with telehealth and using apps. Sleep apnea is a complicated condition; the main symptoms usually appear when you're not awake to notice them. The test uses a breathing monitor that records breathing, oxygen levels, and respiratory effort while you sleep. Insurance companies have decided to test most patients for sleep apnea at home for most patients as a first step, since home testing is usually less expensive than a full sleep study in a sleep lab.

Your doctor may suggest that you monitor your sleep at home if your symptoms and risk factors clearly suggest sleep apnea. Whether you decide to do the test yourself or get the test done in a lab, there are great nonsurgical solutions your dentist can prescribe for sleep apnea. However, sleep studies can be uncomfortable for patients who feel uncomfortable spending nights away from home or who don't have a lab nearby. After reviewing your signs, symptoms and risk factors, your doctor can help determine if the sleep apnea test is appropriate for your situation.

From there, they'll likely ask you to sleep with the device for one or more nights and then return it in the mail or take it to the doctor's office. Your primary care doctor may request at-home sleep apnea testing, or you may attend a telehealth consultation or complete an intake survey with a testing provider to determine if you are a good candidate for testing.

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